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Responsive web design is a must today!

With so many people using mobile devices your website must now be able to adapt to the landscape of your customers.

All of our website are designed with this in mind.

Wheather your looking to design your first website or just need a new updated your existing design with better cross platform funcationality we can help.

Check out these basic core principles of proper web design. We will also outline the 7 phase process we use when doing web design for our clients.

The basics of good web design.

A website is the core of your business’s online marketing activities. You cannot possable start designing your companies website without thinking about the marketing channels that you will use to establish traffic to your site.


The five core marketing channels for every business website.

  1. Organic serach engine optimication ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo for your key search industry terms.
  2. Running pay per click marketing champains on search and social platforms.
  3. Socal media intigration for social following, shares and likes increasing your business, brand or product awareness.
  4. Email Marketing and website email user capture techniques.
  5. Other offline brand awareness champains and promotions.

All of these marketing channels have their own abiliy to bring qualified visitors to your website. A properly designed website should be able to turn these marketing channels into assets so that visitors can find the content you are providing to ansewers questions they have to search quries. This visitor traffic will turn into customers if the right information is provided turning them into conversion.

A bad web design can cause you to waist money on other marketing methods because you don’t need more visitors if you website cannot convert visitor traffic into customers. So the better your website is designed and planned the more customers convertions you’ll acheive.

It doesn’t really matter weather you sell consumer products online, provide local business services, or build houses good web design with propery page struture and rich content is highly important to building a quality web presents.


Pitfalls of hiring the wrong company to do your web design.

Many people in the industry call themself’s web designers however they are actually just abunch of geeks with some techniqual coding knowledge.

Without much planning these “so called” web design experts will code a website that doesn’t meet any of your business goals. Which will give you a website with no return on investment.

Instead you’ll end up with the following from the so “called expert”.

  • A website with plenty of information photos, contacts without any real design purpose.
  • No cross platform funcationality.
  • No search engine optimization or proper site structure.
  • No keyword research and competitor evaluation.

In the end picking the wrong web designers will lead you to the bottom of the search results.

Does that sound like a inventment you’d want to make? I’d sure hope not! Because thats not what you need!

We recommend looking for someone whos serious about web design who takes a step by step approach to get to know your business and industy. Valuing the clients knowledge and investing the proper time planning  and researching the best site design, and keywords to incorperate into your website design before starting to program a single page. At NetfusionLOCAL we use the 7 phase web design process on ever customer project.

The 7 Phase Web Design process

Phase 1: Analysis And Information Gathering

  • We determine the websites purpose.
  • Define your websites goals.
  • Determine who your target audience is.

Phase 2: Planning

  • We determine the sitemap for your Website.
  • Then we define the website structure necessary to give us the best results.
  • Depending on your websites purpose will help us decide which technology platform we will use.

Phase 3: Design

  • In phase 3 we design a complete wireframe models for your website of how each page will interact with one another.
  • We start to layout the visual design style.
  • After conceptualizing our models we concentrate on the usablity of your website, user interface to garentee the best possable unser exsperience.

Phase 4: Content

  • Copywriting & content creation is key when designing a website for organic SEO.
  • Producing quality photos and videos that match your targeted keywords and provide uses with relivant information.
  • to choose the right text and photos.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Phase 5 : Development

  • Is where we actually start coding your website with HTML & CSS coding style sheets.

  • Some platforms will require the use of databases

  • Responsive Design inplementation as needed.

Phase 6 : Testing

  • Technical Testing
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Does the website fulfiill it’s purpose?

Phase 7 : Deployment

  • Monitorinig

  • Bug Fixes

  • Furure maintance and updates.

Web design is a complex process when done right. So make sure you hire the right web design company for the job espeically if you have a passion for getting a high quality result which garentee’s you a solid return on your investment.   

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