We are NetfusionLOCAL

Our company has been assisting busineses with internet marketing services for well over six years. Our goal for each new client is simply to help their business reach new customers and ultimately increase the profitablity of their online presince. We utilize industry proven SEO techniques to stay on top of the newest digital marketing trends to guarantee the very best results to all of our clients.

We have a dedicated team of search marketing specialist who are driven to produce results for each and everyone of our clients. Our SEO specialists are constinantly monitoring the industry best practicies and we continually evolve our techniques to stay ahead of the industry.

Without our team of highly skilled professionals many of which relentlessly read industry news and white papers on search engine optimization even well not at work. We beleave this dedication is what seperates us from other SEO companys. Cause unlike any other industry search engine optimization changes each and every day. Continued education of our staff garentees our clients get the best quality results for the money they are choosing to spend with us.

Proven results are what matters along with the positive feedback we receive from our clients. We don’t just add clients to increase revenue,  instead we focus on driving quality results for our existing clients to gain quality refurals. 

Meet some of our team 


Client Onboarding & Social Media Marketing Specialist

Speicalizes in 


Seaerch Engine Optimzation Specialist


Front End Web Designer


Client Onboarding & SEO Specialist

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