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Managing and updating your website with new content takes a specialist. We offer cutting edge development services and customized solutions for each client tailored to fit your needs. We create content, on-target messages, imaging from scratch with your input. Creating and launching your new website with us is painless, affordable and effective just ask us our clients.

Our SEO professionals specialize in local and organic search engine optimization services. We assist your business to become more visible at the top of Google and other major search engines. By making your company appear ahead of your competitors for your specialized industry keywords we produce a return on investment for internet marketing that compares to no other traditional marketing channel.

Getting your web presents intigrated into the social fabric of the internet is ever more important each day. People rely on recommendations from their friends and familly. Social signals such as likes, shares, follows are all part of Googles new updated algorithm. Making your company visable on platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and anywhere your consumer shares and receives information about your product or service is highly important to your websites overall online performance.

Our digital marketing experts take the time to learn about your business and the people you want to reach, then create messages that convey what you have to offer in clear, engaging ways. Your web content will be optimized to make it easier for your customers to find you without compromising the story you have to tell. We do not hire any overseas outsources to produce your one of a kind unique custom content.

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One of the best SEO talents I’d highly recommend them for your local business. If you don’t believe me just Google my business and see the results for yourself. They take care of their clients never promise the world, are responsive and produce high quality results.

Google Search – Epoxy Flooring Fort Lauderdale
Google Search – Epoxy Flooring Miami

Dan Bowman

CEO, American Epoxy Systems, LLC

If your looking for more business leads, and quality customers these guys know how to do it. Before hiring them they lead us through the process giving us a better understanding of SEO and what would be required on our part. They really did a great job to educate us in the process. We started out on the 8th page of Google. Now in Newport Beach for interior designer we appear at the top even out ranking some of the more established competitors in our area.

Google Search – Newport Beach Interior Designer

Erica Bryen

Owner & Lead Designer, Erica Bryen Designs

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It can be difficult to search for a reputable internet marketing company but when you do find one that search engine optimization company can lead to quality results over time. So it is important when choosing to invest in a search engine marketing company that you follow these simple pointers so you make the best selection possible when you determine it’s time to invest.

1. Easy to Contact

The most important element that we always tell people is to check with the marketing company that they are considering to see how the method of contact will be just how often and when you will be receiving updates on their efforts? Ask them if you should contact them by email or phone when you have questions or want a review of their progress? SEO can be a long term investment in marketing your business that means it could very well be several months for you to see quanitiative results and any return on investment, however the company you select should still provide you with some sort of reports on what SEO services are currently being done and what items are in process of being completed on your behalf. At NetfusionLocal providing our clients with information is a priority and we setup each client with their own dedicated client representative that manages your progress and will be avalable to you with a direct number to call 24/7. So if your ever need to schedule a meeting or have a simple question answered you’ll be speaking with a live person who’s just a short phone call away.

2. Quality Service

Not two businesses have the same focus on service, this couldn’t be more important when hiring a search engine marketer. Be careful because there are many SEO companies that will provide services for less then $500 dollars out there, however to sacrifice on price could end up costing you dearly. When was the last time you sacrificed quality for price and it didn’t end up costing you double. Would you hire a pilot for $500 that has very few flight hours to fly your familly over to the Bahamas or would you rather go with an experienced captain who has years worth of flight hours for $2000 to fly your irreplaceable familly over? You should want to spend more for better results increasing your return on investment could make the difference 3 or 4 times over when you hit the first page for the proper keywords on Google. NetfusionLocal has a culture about accepting new clients, we like to know the business owner is invested in their success and educate them so they understandthe time and energy necessary to prevail on Google. Thats why we provide each of our clients with a snapsheet on the basics of SEO.

3.  Keeping Up With Google and the Industry

It’s super important that your SEO follow industry news and updates on the latest techniques to keep their clients Google preformance above par of your competitors. Why is that? It’s because Google changes their algorithm every few months sometimes without any notice or much information provided. Why is this done? It’s done to enhance the quality of their users search results. Google realize’s the importance of providing relevant quality search results for their searches and tries to prevent unsrupulous people from manipulating the search results.

4. Use socially responsible SEO techniques

There are many socially responsible SEO companies that use white hat methods to provide quality Google traffic however some of the industry promises out right over night results “buyer beware”. These  SEO companies which utilize non standard  black hat techniques to get results fast by  ticking Google by using underhanded strategies which in the long term can cause irrepitable damage to your websites page rank and domain authority leading to reduced traffic and busines revenue for your targeted keywords. When Google finds out and penalizes you for the use of these techniques when they update their search algorithm to accommodate and weed out those bad actors you’ll be very sorry. So make sure the SEO company you hire always uses white hat SEO techniques. I mean why would you want to invest with a SEO company that doesn’t provide long term results and only short term gains? Plus would you pay full value for a car only to have to replace the motor within the first year of ownership? Some business have been put out of business by socially irresponsible SEO techniques. Be mindful and ask your Search engine marketing agency for the method they use before selecting a SEO company.

5. Time Performance

Time performance promises is definitely something that should not go un-noticed when making a final decision on selecting an SEO company. Although there are numerous internet marketing companies that tell you they can produce fast results in maybe two to three months. We always advise our clients that it depends on the level of competitiveness within your industry. It is also not possible to rank on the first page of Google as rapidly for high performing keywords that have a high ROI. Like so many of the tips in this list we are about transparency and quality consultations not the sales like pitches of promising you over night results and then falling flat and not being able to give a positive result from a monetary perspective. You don’t want to invest in moon shot SEO companies its always better to compair the SEO companies promises so that you pick the right companyit’s  better to take 2 or 3 months longer and rank for the most valuable industry keywords then rank quickly for the wrong non preforming keywords that leads you to a net negitive result.

6.Keeping your end goal in mind

With SEO it is a race of jockeying for position in a competitive landscape. It is not about the start of the race or the middle even but your over all end result. Just like any other marketing channel where competitors compete it’s important that you remember not everyone can have 1st page placement , your competition currently has your spot and you will take their position. If you don’t manage to you minus well look for an alternative search engine marketing company. After all would you hire a horse jockey with no riding exsperience in the bellmount?  I didn’t think so. So make sure that you and your seo company see eye to eye on your companies end results which should always have you ranking at the top of your industires most competitive keywords.

If you keep these six steps in mind you will be able to outshine your competition and provide a ever increasing ROI with your Google organic SEO marketing budget which will increase your exsposure, customer base, and total revenue.

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